In Cubus

Today's post is a little different.  A while back I heard about "Occult Dices", so I decided to make one.  So, here it is.  An occult dice is one with symbols on each facet instead of numbers.  They can be rolled while doing divination (info about the future) but this one came from idea I got from another website.   The very talented Los Angeles painter Daniel Martin Diaz makes these amazing paintings that are sort of a gothic, mystical take on Catholic imagery combined with scientific illustrations from astronomy and anatomy.  At one point he had a printout thing to make an occult dice called "Cubus", and he said to print it out, make it and then "roll the dice, meditate on the symbols and you can discover hidden mysteries inside yourself".   Here's mine.  The symbol in the centre has a specific meaning to me, but the rest were all drawn at once with no thought of creating a meaning, in one rapid stream of consciousness.   It

Practical Magic

A lot of times in our dealings with the Other Side we end up running around looking for the most powerful & exotic magical items.  When we're going through a hard time we can end up buying every single "witchy" book we can get our hands on or break the bank to get every type of crystal, incense, or herb out there. The Universe, in its infinite (and usually quirky) wisdom, provides us with plenty of great magical items, easily obtainable, cheap, and all around us- usually right under our noses.  I'm not saying that we shouldn't use & research esoteric items, just that in my own personal journey I've found a lot of people can be very effective using the simplest things.  It all depends on the situation and how much you're putting into it.  I'm reminded of something I heard in Voodoo once, about making offerings to the Loa (divine Voodoo entities).  You're supposed to give them some sort of food or object when calling upon them to sho

Homeland Security

24  “When an impure spirit comes out of a person, it goes through arid places seeking rest and does not find it. Then it says, ‘I will return to the house I left.’ 25  When it arrives, it finds the house swept clean and put in order.   26  Then it goes and takes seven other spirits more wicked than itself, and they go in and live there. And the final condition of that person is worse than the first.”                                                                                  - LUKE 11:24-26, New International Version                                                      *** I chose to start off with this Bible quote because all spiritual books have some wisdom in them, even if just metaphorically.  This quote I find is a good, solid warning: if we don't make the effort everyday to keep positive thoughts & good habits after we've changed our lives, the bad stuff we "cast out" can come back stronger and bite us in the ass.  I'm here to stop that fro

Flow or Go Home

Everyone gets hurt by rejection from someone they considered a potential friend- that feeling that someone thinks you're not good enough to hang out with them.  Or worse, the feeling that NOBODY thinks so.  It's not an easy thing to deal with, but I've found an easy way to turn it around. I got the idea while reading a magazine article about a gang of punk skateboarder girls from LA called The Hags.  They had a simple motto when it came to who could join their group, "Flow or go home".  This meant that if someone wasn't down with their "flow"- their vibe, the way they lived and did things, then they weren't welcome.  Simple. These girls were badass.  They lived for skateboarding, punk shows, and going on crazy adventures.  And one rule of the group was that every new member had to make their own patch with the group's logo on it, to sew on the back of their jacket.  Each person had do DIY their own unique handmade version of the group'

Quick & Dirty

Here's some little bits of wisdom and life lessons that served me well.  Instead of a big college-level essay about each one I found they can all be broken down pretty simple, Fortune Cookie-style: - If you want to find a really magical and profound book, look for the one that no one else is reading or talks about.  Occult means "hidden".  You'll know it when you see it. - When you want to be weird, do it with pride.  Sure, some people won't like it, but *nobody* likes a person who feels they have to apologize for their very existence.  And if they're the type of person who lashes out at people who are different, that's a sure sign they're bad news. - Your destiny isn't determined by what you have or where you're at, but on how you decide to think and act on it on a daily basis. - Can't get over an asshole ex?  Here's a simple spell: take something you still have laying around that reminds you of them (ie- a love letter they s

Challenging the Impossible- for real

A while back I saw a poster for a free documentary showing.  It was a New Age film that said it was about miracles and would “Change your life” and make you “Believe in the impossible”. I went and realized it seemed kind of cultish.  All of the members seemed brainwashed and worshiping the “Leader” who made the documentary.  In it, he said he achieved supernatural powers through meditation and things like that, and could perform miracles and had super powers.    I watched him doing these supposed “powers” and it was clearly a hoax.  Then I remembered I had read about this guy online before and he was a total cult-leading scammer.  I asked the followers if they believed his powers were real and they were all like “Yes!  He is holy!  He is divine!” and the documentary was full of people saying the same, totally deceived.  I left freaked out and will not be going back. In a weird way, though, I liked the film.  It really did change my life and believe anything is possible in

Let go, then hold on

Lots of people discuss happiness in terms of "Letting go"- of expectations, bad memories, resentment, or whatever.  Yes, that is necessary but I've started to see things a little differently.  Happiness doesn't just come from letting go, it's also about "Holding On"   This whole focus on "Letting go" of the bad things, if focused on too much of letting go of the bad, you might instead focus too much on these things and attract more of them. Your mind is like a container, you can fill it with good or bad.  Sure, you need to empty out the bad but then you need to fill it up with good, to make no more space for bad feelings to come flowing back in. And also, an empty container is useless. So, yes, "Let Go" but also, "Hold On".   Hold on. Fill yourself up. Take back control and hold on to the good- the things that *did* work out, the victories, the words of a good friend, even the good times from people who are no longe